The Okinawa, the leading electric scooter brand in India is manufacturing and supplying the Okinawa Ridge electric scooters. The E-motobike electric scooters showrooms are present throughout Kerala selling the Okinawa Ridge electric scooters. The electric scooters are becoming more and more popular among people. This is mainly because; the electric scooters had proved to be the eco-friendly and budget-friendly scooters over time. They have captured the market within a short period of time.

The E-motobike electric scooter showroom in Perinthalmanna is the best electric scooter showroom to provide the Okinawa Ridge electric scooters. These electric scooters are also said to be the low budget transport on wheels. It has several advantages over the fuel filling electric scooters. They are quality and safety ensured vehicles.

The important features of the Okinawa Ridge electric scooters are, it has a peak power of 1200 watt, the maximum speed of 50-55km/hour, it can move till a range of 80 – 90 km per charge and climbing 15 degrees. Then regarding the brake system, it has drum brake – front and rear. The seat height is 774 mm, dimensions are 1725 * 695 * 1080 mm and the loading capacity is 150 kg. Then the tire is 10*3.0 tubeless (front/rear) and the battery is 60V/24Ah VRLA battery and 60V/24Ah Lithium-ion. It has a digital speedometer. It has E-ABS (Electronic assisted braking system) with regenerative energy.

The key features include Centre locking with anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, find my scooter function and the charger specification is micro charger with the auto cut. The charging time of a VRLA battery is 4-6 hours and fast charging is 1-2 hours (optional). It has stylish aluminum alloy wheels and suspension in front – telescopic (hydraulic type), rear – double shocker with dual tube technology (hydraulic type).

These entire features included vehicle is available at affordable prices and it values the Mother Nature more than anything. This property made it a hit among the Indian populations within a short span of time.